7Up Fried Chicken

7Up Fried Chicken is an easy basic fried chicken recipe that uses lemon lime soda and other spices as pickles. It has a balanced flavor. The outside was crisp, while the meat inside was moist. I suggest following the steps in the recipe below to achieve the same result.

7Up Fried Chicken

Marinating chicken with soda like what we have in our recipe has its benefits. Since soda is sweet and acidic, it helps to infect chicken with chicken. The acidity, on the other hand, makes the meat soft. It’s always best to marinate the meat longer for best results.

There are two methods involved, marinating and cooking.

It is important to marinate chicken with spices and soda to keep the flavor light and tender. This makes the chicken version special compared to regular fried chicken recipes.

The cooking process is simple. Peel the marinated chicken with the whole-purpose flour and then deep fry until crisp. I double coated the chicken to have a thick coating. I did this by dipping chicken pieces in flour twice. It is advisable to soak it in the beaten egg before the second coat to ensure the sticks are in place.

You will find this recipe interesting. I am sure you will love the outcome. Enjoy it with your favorite side dishes. I had this with two pieces of dinner rolls and coleslaw. Slipping it into banana sauce (banana ketchup) makes it a lot more enjoyable to eat, as far as I’m concerned.

Try this 7Up Fried Chicken Recipe. Let me know your thoughts.

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