Asian Beef na may Mushroom

Asian Beef with Mushrooms is an easy beef mix dish that takes less than 3o minutes to prepare. This is best for those who want to enjoy a tasty meal even with limited time to spare. Take it with rice or top it with egg noodles – your choice.

I use sirloin for this recipe. The flank steak is also a great beef cut to use because the two are tender. The key here is to choose a soft sliced beef because it will cook really fast and we want to make sure our beef will be tender no matter what the cooking time.

The mushrooms I use for Asian Beef with Mushroom recipe are the fresh white mushrooms you usually find in the supermarket. All I have to do is slice them into thin strips. You can also get sliced fresh mushrooms to save time.

As for soy sauce, I love my soy sauce, but I recommend light soy sauce for this recipe. You can still use your favorite soy sauce if you insist, but you have to reduce it to 4 tablespoons. Since we are moving, we will need high heat throughout the process.

It’s time to get all the ingredients and make it Asian Beef with Mushrooms for lunch or dinner. I’m sure you can do this easily. Use the comment box below if you have questions. Cheers!


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