Beef Kaldereta in Gata with Peanut Butter

I love beef cereals. This is one of my all-time favorite Filipino dishes. Beef Kaldereta in Gata with Peanut Butter is a version I keep in my book.

I’m sure you know that there are different versions throughout the Philippines. This recipe I am sharing today is the same dish I enjoy adding coconut coconut and peanut butter. This may sound counterintuitive if you are accustomed to the diet from Manila because no liver involvement is involved. However, I tell you this is as delicious and creamier.

I remember the goat version I made a few months ago. You may stumble upon our calf goat with peanut butter, This is a version from the Northern part of the Philippines. Personally I think that’s great.

Think about combining the yummy version with pork cereal and replacing the protein with the meat. This is what this dish is about. In my opinion, it is pure delicious. In my opinion, a cup of rice is not enough to enjoy it.

The key to a successful cow’s diet is related to the texture of the meat and the taste of the sauce. The beef should be very tender, and the sauce should be delicious. This is a plus if the sauce is rich and yummier, just like what we have in this recipe.

In my opinion, this is a perfect dish to make on special occasions. It can be cooked as a stew or as a main dish, as it is intended for. I should suggest to prepare more rice than ever before. There is a huge possibility for you to consume more than just having this dish.

Try this delicious and tasty Beef Calf Beef with Peanut Butter Recipe. Let me know what you think.

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