Crispy Recipe Stacked

Crispy Stuffed is a crisp and crisp version of my favorite Ilocano chicken dish. It has the same good taste as being stitched, except that it has a more interesting texture. If you are a fan of chicharon and are all crispy, you will love this dish.

I chose to prepare this version instead of the usual because it was raining outside. Cooking traditionally requires grilling pork portions. It will be difficult for me to do that in rainy weather.

There are several basic methods involved in making this dish. This may sound like a lot of work, but I assure you the outcome is truly exciting.

Crispy Recipe Stacked

The first thing to do is to break the pig parts. I mean ears and stomach. Do this by boiling these parts with water, whole pepper, garlic, and dried bay leaves. It’s best to make sure they are really soft. It usually takes me 1 hour to complete this step.

The liver does not need much preparation. Just rub salt all over it and then fry it until fully cooked.

The next method is to deep fry the boiled ears and pork belly until crispy. I use a technique called double frying to make sure I get the expected texture. Cooking time varies between ears and stomach. See the recipe below for details.

Prepare the sauce while waiting for the chilled portions. Just combine all the dressing ingredients and then stir until the textured smoothens.

Chop the pork and combine the liver in a large bowl. Toss and then add the onion, green onion, and chili pepper. Pour in half the sauce. Toss again and then serve. The remaining dressing can be served as a dipping sauce.

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