Fried Rice and Roasted Corned Beef with Pumpkin

Longanisa Fried Rice and Roasted Corned Beef with Pumpkin is a perfect breakfast meal. It can also be consumed for brunch. Eating should be more than enough to give you the energy needed to start your day.

I usually prepare such a meal on big days. This is the time I need to carb-up to have enough energy to complete the expected tasks and do more activities.

This combination is a winner, as far as I’m concerned. It is nourishing and both dishes are delicious. It’s also easy to do.

Have you ever cooked fried rice? This version may seem a bit scary to do, but it’s really simple. Refer to the recipe steps below for a guide. Also, watch the video so you can see how I did it step by step.

Let’s talk about the ingredients in our fried rice. I used sweet longanisa for this recipe. It is also referred to as Pampangga longanisa. Don’t be limited to this variety. Fried rice can also be made using other types of longanisa such as Vigan, Imus, Lucban, or even our own skinless longanisa.

The veggies I used were frozen peas and carrots I got from the supermarket. These frozen products are easy to use anytime I need them. You can also use fresh carrots, just slice them into cubes. As for peas, I prefer frosting to those that can.

Corned beef with potatoes is a common combination. However, it’s always good to try something different. In my opinion, squash (I used butternut squash) is a great alternative to potatoes when making sauteed corned beef. I love the overall taste. It’s really good!

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