Front End Recipe

Ukoy Dulong is a type of Filipino fish fritter with only bean sprout. This is the version of the jig that I like best because the far end is one of my favorite fish. I like these different fish because they are delicious. It’s also convenient to prepare and eat. Because they are so small (they are around 1/10 the size of tourists or lizards), I can eat them immediately after cooking.

Ukoy is usually consumed for snacks. It is best when submerged in spicy vinegar. When I was in Manila, I remembered having it with egg rolls and a bottle of soda pop. On some occasions, I can eat rice with rice. However, I prefer to eat it alone because I have a lighter taste and crisp texture.

Ukoy enjoys the warmth when it’s still warm and crisp. I suggest consuming it within the next 10 minutes after cooking. I also recommend that you share it with your friends and family. It’s always best to have a good conversation while enjoying your meal.

Mga alternatibong sangkap

There are few alternative ingredients to small fish. Dish or anchovy can be used, provided you cook it a little until it is crisp. I suggest using dried small tourists instead of new ones. You can add it directly to the mixture or sprinkle it first with vinegar until it becomes softer. Shrimp is always best for roast. Smaller shrimp varieties are perfect.

Bean spouts are the most common ingredient used when cooking this dish. Sometimes I use julienned carrots, or even squash (squash). You can choose one or the other, and you can also mix them all together to make a vegetable version.

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