How to Operate a Vendor Account In Click Bank 2020

How to Operate a Vendor Account In Click Bank 2020

ClickBank Guide for Vendors (How to Operate a Vendor Account?)How to Open a Vendor Account?Before anything else, you should first sign up for a vendor account in ClickBank in order for you to access the site and use it as a product owner. In signing up for an account, ClickBank will be extracting several information about you including your financial accounts and information. These details are very important in order for ClickBank to know how they can send you payments. Luckily for you, it is free to open an account and is actually very easy to do since you will only be typing and selecting options from the drop down menus. Later on, when you are ready to start selling your products, you have to pay an activation fee of 49.95 dollars. In addition, keep in mind that ClickBank deducts a dollar for every 7.5 percent from each sale.

In order to open up your vendor account, you should visit ClickBank’s registration page.

How Do Refunds Work?

There are times when your customers are not happy at all with your products or they find your products useless. When this happens, they will most likely demand for a refund. If your customers ask ClickBank directly for a refund, they will notify you about the demands of your customers. They will then notify the customers that the problem will be solved within 24 hours. If they do not hear from you within the time frame, they will be the one to issue the refund to the demanding customer.


Refunds are pretty much annoying and frustrating as a product owner. In order for you to prevent customers from demanding for refunds, you should make sure that the products you are selling are of high quality and will really be beneficial. This will not only save you from the problems that refunds bring, but it will also help you make your products a lot more sellable to the public.

How Do Payments Work?

Payments are sent to you every two weeks, which is the default pay period end time. However, if you are eligible for direct deposit, then you can receive payment every week. If you want to know more about the policies of ClickBank when it comes to paycheck, then you should visit ClickBank’s paycheck policies page.

Pay checks

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