On Page SEO Full Guide 2020

(On Page SEO Full Guide 2020 )Today we are going to tell you how   you can do On Page SEO and get your website ranked on the first page of Google, you will get the complete information, so let’s know first of all, you should know what happens with this .

What is On Page SEO

This is a very important task when we write any content on our website and publish it, then it is necessary to take care of these things before publishing an article, first you have to write an article of at least 1000 words. .
Because the more content will be on your website, the more you will benefit because there is a rule of Google, perhaps you will not know about it, so we
On your first page or number 10, the website which has more content and has written very well articles so that people spend more time on your website

How to do On Page SEO

Now let’s know how to do. When you write an article, then you have to do SEO to get the website ranked so that you get traffic.
So it is of no use, you must have written the article with great effort, but it is of no use on your website until someone comes to read it, so you have to do On Page SEO to get more traffic to rank the website. Is necessary.
Write your keyword, which you want to rank, at least 3 times by bolding it inside your post, what happens to Google
After writing anything keyword and then you have written the content on the same topic, if you have written correctly, then surely Google will put your website on that person’s first page.
That Google will first rank your website on the first page or not because many people have written articles on the same topic, in such a way your website
And while writing an article, link to any post of your own, which is your title, copy it and write it in bold and then link the link of your website and select that title and paste the link, this creates a backlink to your website. And the website is ranked.

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