Sweet potato

Minatamis na Kamote is easy in the oven! Golden and tender with a sweet citrus syrup, this sweet potato recipe is a delicious snack or dessert.
Japanese sweet potatoes were on sale at 99 Ranch Market in Austin last weekend, and they looked good and freshly dug; I could not resist accumulating a few pounds.

I cooked the tubers in minatamis na kamote today to be able to take the photos again in this publication and, of course, to enjoy as a dessert after going through the pork barbecue that G is roasting at the moment as I write. Delicious Saturday at the headquarters of Kawaling Pinoy sure. 🙂

I’m just updating the photos and adding some cooking tips, but the recipe remains the same. If it’s not broken, why fix it, right?

Minatamis na kamote is a Filipino delicacy made from stewed sweet potatoes until they are tender and creamy in sweet sugar syrup. You can eat hot and fresh from the pan or nice and cold from the fridge.

While it is generally enjoyed only as a snack at noon or dessert after meals, it is also common to serve the dish with scraped ice and milk (kamote with ice) or as an ingredient in the classic Filipino, halo-halo treatment.

Although the Filipino sweet potato in syrup is traditionally cooked on the stove, I prefer to make mine in the oven. I simply pack the tubers in cubes in a baking dish, cover them with a spoonful of butter, a generous amount of brown sugar and a drizzle of orange juice and throw everything in the oven until they are tender and well caramelized with the sweet syrup resulting.

Sweet potatoes not only require less care in this way, but also maintain their shape better than on the stove. The orange juice added provides a little liquid for the sweet potatoes to cook and gives the sweet glaze a citrus touch.

Be sure to cut the kamote into a uniform size to ensure even cooking. Wrap the pan tightly with aluminum foil to keep warm. It is not necessary to stir during cooking!

You can use any type of sweet potato for the recipe, but I recommend Japanese yams that have a creamy texture and are not fibrous.


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