Tips to Lose Weight While Fasting

Ramadan fasting is not only used to collect rewards from Allah. This special moment is moslty used by many people to lose weight and to maintain their fitness.

In very easy way the losing weight can be realized without causing any health problems and commonly losing weight during fasting is to pay attention to the number, kinds, and schedule of the food etc.

If you want and really interested to lose weight should be less than the need,” said Dr.Samuel Oetoro. We notice that its simply reduce the portion of a quarter of the usual portion of food Ingredients.

Also, avoid skipping foods, even once. While during fasting in ramdan, Dr. Samuel suggests that changing meal schedules are important for health. for example, we know that lunch is converted and changed into eating iftar dinner.

During Ramdan, the meal schedule is changed only, if it is usually breakfast, lunch and dinner, then when the fasting lunch is split 45% to eat and 45% meal to eat when breaking.

Its also important to pay attention on the types of food. Avoid to use fried foods because oil and fry may increase the risk of blockage of blood in vessels. As an alternative, we recommend and suggest you to the consumption of vegetables and fruits.

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