What Is Search Engine Optimization & How SEO Works 2020?

What Is Search Engine Optimization & How SEO Works 2020?

Google is certainly one of the leading search engines of today. It does follow different links of a webpage to another. Search engines like Google basically consist upon these three things:

  • Crawler
  • An Algorithm
  • An Index

Crawler follows the link to the website. It remains active over internet 24/7 and keeps on saving the pages’ HTML version in its gigantic database, called index. Every time when you update your website, Google updates its index accordingly.  However, there is no sure guarantee for the rate of revising the website by Google. The detection of your updated website by Google basically depends upon numerous factors like online traffic on your webpage, number of times you update your website, and the amount of content, etc. In order to realize the Google of your website’s existence, it is very important for you to first have referral links of your website on other WebPages. The crawler will then automatically follow the referral or redirected link to your website and will update the index.

Google’s Hush-Hush Algorithm  

Once your website gets indexed in the Google’s database, it will now appear in the search results carried out by the online users through Google search engine.

Now there’s a key behind the arrangement of pages that you see in the search results. There’s an order which is followed by the Google search engine that provides you the links in ascending / descending order. There’s an algorithm for this which works quite secretly. Nobody for sure knows about the working fundamentals of the algorithm which decides the ordering of WebPages in search results.

Result Pages of Google

Google search engine provides 8-10 links for the sites against your specific keyword search.  The top – order pages are referred as organic results. However, you can get more links for the typed keyword on the 2nd and further pages of the Google search engine. The links that appear in blue color (2-3 links at top) are often the paid ones that means Google charges fee for them from the owners. These are basically ads which are relevantly shown against your searched keyword. As far as the prices for ads are concerned, it varies as per the rate of search.

 Value For The Links At Search Engines

For the uninformed people out there, it is very important for them to first realize the value of links and how search engines use those links. Search engines basically use multiple numbers of links that points towards your website in order to determine the important of your page to online users. Internal as well as external links to the website have been found quite effective in ranking the webpage at search engines. It is very important for you to post external links to such websites which are densely accessed by online users instead of small websites.

Universal Search

Apart from the paid and organic results, Google does value videos, images, news and other items in the search results. This mixture of the result is basically known as Universal search.

Howq To Achieve Top Rank For Your Webpage At Organic Search Results:

SEO which is abbreviated for Search Engine Optimization is the only effective profession which can help your webpage to get ranked at the top of search results. For this, SEO personals try to fit your website into Google’s secret algorithm. This doesn’t change the fact of Google’s algorithm being secret but SEO is the only technique which can result in favor of your webpage. From the SEO point of view, Google’s secret algorithm is divided into two basic categories:

  1. ON Page:

ON page factors basically decide the positions of the webpage. It includes numerous things like code quality, technical issues, textual issues, and much more.

  1. OFF Page:

OFF page factors basically incorporates links to your webpage. Higher the links pointing towards your website, brighter are the chances that you page will be ranked at top.

We will thoroughly discuss about the ON-Page & OFF-Page factors while we discuss LINK BUILDING.

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