Write SEO Friendly Article

Write SEO Friendly Article Are you a blogger and you want to bring more traffic to your website by writing SEO article, then you are at the right place today, we are going to tell you how you can write a good article so that more and more people come to your website.

How To Find Best Topic

Whenever you want to write an article for your website, first of all you have to write the article on a good topic, if you have an idea then it is a good thing but you do not have any idea what to write.
Before writing the article, you have to research a good topic, now how can you find it? We tell you that you can get an idea from Google. You have to see which topic is currently trending. People are discussing the matter.
That topic is best for you. You can also use some free tools to quickly find a topic like Google’s Free Google Keyword Planner. You can use it to find a good topic and write an article on that topic.
And you have to work on an article on a keyword which is of some use and people like to read your article and you have to write the article with complete information, it is very important if you do not share the complete information.
So the next time that person will not come to your website, it is very important to give full information to the people who come in the blogging role, so that your time to write the article that you have worked hard will be successful.

How To Write SEO Friendly Article

After finding a good topic, now you have to write the article, how do you write it? We tell you that the first task is to write your title within at least 70 words, do not write more words than that. is.
Now let’s start writing the article. First of all, write your target keyword first and bold it in the first line and then write the article as big as you can write SEO Freindly article is 1000 words.
If you write more words than this, it is even better. Post rank quickly because Google feels that you have given all the information, so there is such a long post and it makes your post accessible to the Google logo itself. This has the advantage of
After writing the article, you have to insert a link to another post of your own website in the article, also make it bold by reading and writing so that your backlink is also formed, your chances of getting more people from your post increases.
After writing all the posts, you have to write 150 characters in the search description, what you have written about your topic is shown in this article and it is shown in Google, most people come to your website after reading this because they have to take complete information.
So in this way you can get your website ranked quickly by writing a good article, because content is king, your website must do a little SEO and quality content is always written, whatever time it takes, just write the article.

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